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Welcome to Brain Candy! This is a blog written by me, Seth Moskowitz, about politics and elections.

A bit about me: I’ve worked on three political campaigns — first as a “body man,” then as a field organizer, then as a campaign manager. But I got tired of the campaign life and decided that I wanted to write about politics instead of working directly in it. That’s why I got my first journalism job as an editor at Persuasion, why I started freelance writing, and why I started this blog.

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My big-picture goal: My long-term objective with this blog is to have a place to develop and share my mental model of politics/elections with readers.

My worldview: If I had to explain my political worldview, it’d be something along the lines of “center-left on policy, with some classical liberal instincts, and deeply critical of both political parties.”

Articles come out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I hope you’ll subscribe (it’s free)! — Seth


P.S. Here are two pictures of me: one with my brother, who I scrubbed out because I don’t know if he wants his picture all over the internet. And another with my dog, Cleo, who’s having a big yawn.

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Seth Moskowitz

Writing a non-partisan newsletter about politics and elections.